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Pittsburgh Landscaping

Do you live in or near the Pittsburgh area and want to add value to your home or just enhance its overall curb appeal?

Perhaps you should seek out a local Pittsburgh landscaping company and learn how a landscaping makeover can add 15% or more to the value of your property.

That’s right 15% or more! A great landscaping makeover is a sure fire way to boost your home’s property value and beauty. Especially In a buyers market like this one, now may be the perfect time to make a leap into that beautifully designed landscape of your dreams. With little investment you can add more value than you ever imagined.

People often forget that landscaping doesn’t just include grass cutting, weeding, trimming shrubbery or adding a flower bed here and there. It is also about designing a whole visually aesthetic outdoor experience and showcasing what your property really has to offer with a beautiful landscaping makeover.

Landscape design really is an art form and it is very important to find someone who knows Pittsburgh landscaping design so that they have a good understanding of the design styles, plant selection and where to get all the right quality plant materials for the job.

Pittsburgh Landscapers already have an idea of what’s popular and will work best for each specific area of your yard so there is no need to hire some fancy design firm in another state when you can support the local economy and have first hand knowledge on what plants will work best for your home and what materials will be readily be available for the job.

A local Pittsburgh landscaping company should be able to make sure your specific landscape plan is unique enough to make your home stand out and get noticed with out breaking the bank. Landscaping is a great way to enhance your property’s own personality and feel by bringing out hidden beauty from accenting your homes features that may otherwise be overlooked.

Pittsburgh landscape designer's should think of all the four seasons of Pittsburgh and be sure to incorporate plants with interested for each of those season's for a year round landscape experience that wont end with summer.

Hiring a Pittsburgh landscaping company that knows and has worked in the area is the best way to take advantage of local knowledge and use it to express your property’s specific appeal.

A local company should have a vested interest in the area and want to build and maintain a reputation for quality and great service. Since Pittsburgh does not require landscape contractors to carry a license you must be sure to do your homework before hiring just anyone do the work. You should always check for proof of insurance, references and portfolios to be sure that you hire the right professional for the job.

There are many companies around that don't understand the principles of landscape design and a few years down the road when all your shrubs are dead or have out grown the areas they were planted, you will wish you spent more time seeking out the right professional.

There are many plant options in Pittsburgh to choose from some require more care than others. The right landscape designer should be aware of your ability to care for the plants He or She has selected for the project, so that you wont get over worked just trying to care for the plants.

Also be sure to look for a company that will be around to take care of the plants in case you cant or just have no interest at all in yard work .

Be sure to hire the Pittsburgh landscaping company who leaves you with the feeling, that "This is someone I can work with, someone who will listen to my specific needs and do what it takes to satisfy expectations" if you follow my advice than you will surely be satisfied for years to come with the yard of your dreams!

Communities Served:

Eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh
Churchill Boro
Plum Boro
Squirrel Hill
Penn Hills
Regent Square
Wilkins Twp
South Side
Turtle Creek
Mt Lebanon
Fox Chapel
Much more-

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