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Dear Contractor,

If you've been paying for leads online, you've probably found that most are less than quality and in fact shared with every other contractor in your home town. This is due to the influx of contractors out there looking for work, most online lead generation companies just can't keep up and none offer real consistent exclusive contractor leads. was created to help match local home owners with reputable contractors who stand behind their work and make us proud to represent them.

If you qualify, you'll be the only contractor in your local town to receive exclusive contractor leads. I have to be up front and tell you, there is a chance you will not qualify. In order to qualify, you must meet each of our seven requirements below.

1 - Must be a state registered business

2 - Must be able to pass a Criminal & Sex Offender Background Check

3 - Must be fully Insured

4 - Must have no pending or past judgements against your company

5 - Must be willing to work with the customer to resolve any reasonable issues that may arise

6 - Must be able to provide quality references if needed

7 - You must be able to handle a steady flow of exclusive leads. We don't have the capability to turn it off unless we give your leads to another local contractor.

Assuming you qualify, the only other obstacle might be timing. Because we only choose one contractor in a particular trade, per area, there is a chance we are already working with a contractor in your area. This is first come first serve. If this is the case, you will be notified immediately after sign up.


Why A Membership Is A Privilege

You will stop wasting your time and money chasing shared contractor leads

Only pay when we generate exclusive contractor leads for you.

Enjoy speaking with homeowners who are pre-sold on choosing you for the job.

Count on these exclusive leads to expand and grow your business for years to come.

No risk to you. You can cancel at anytime.

You will be part of an exclusive network of Good Honest Contractors.


How Do We Do It?

After we create your Good Honest Contractor website, our professional team of writers will create many proven and tested lead generation web pages designed to brand you as the one and only trusted Good Honest Contractor member in your local area.

Depending on your overall satisfaction and desire for more leads, we can accommodate even the largest companies.


How Much Is An Exclusive Lead Worth To You?

Answer - it depends on your business. If you have repeat clientele that you are able to maintain for years to come, it will be worth more than a business who doesn't have what it takes to maintain clients.

So the question is, what does it take to always get that call for a plumbing job, remodel or specific type of service you offer? When you become a Good Honest Contractor member, we'll share this type of priceless information with you at no charge.

When it comes to the prices we charge for an exclusive lead vs any other lead you could possible generate on your own, it's important to make the distinction between a shared lead with 5 other contractors and an exclusive lead where the customer reached out to you directly.

Whose closing rate do you think will be higher?

Before you answer that, it's important for you to know how the potential customer found you and the perception of the potential customer when they fill out the form or called you directly.

Most lead generation sites have simple forms with basic information about the service the potential customer is looking for. Others have a more detailed description of the contractor which we find to flat out convert better.

After testing different types of webpages over the years, we found that the more personal, helpful and friendly, the higher the closing rate.

This is why we take a completely different approach when compared to other websites or lead generation advertisements.

Below is a screen shot of one of our lead generation webpages. As you can see, our writers focus on educating the consumer while promoting each contractors local knowledge and service at the same time. This is the secret to our success and the #1 reason our exclusive leads are of the highest quality around.

As far as the price per lead, the good news is that we don't charge 5 times more than other shared lead services who split leads 5 ways among contractors. You're going to get a much better deal!


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How Much Per Exclusive Lead?

Note- If your trade is not listed below please call or email for pricing

Awnings $55
Basement Remodeling $75
Bath Remodeling $65
Builder $75
Cabinets $55
Carpeting $55
Concrete $65
Counter Tops $55
Decks $65
Demolition Service $55
Disaster Restoration $65
Drywall $55
Electrician $55
Excavation $55
Fencing $55
Fire Restoration $65
Flooring $55
Foundation Repair $75
Garage Doors 55
Gutters $55
Handyman Services $55
Heating and Cooling $55
Home Additions $75
Insulation $55
Kitchen Remodeling $65
Landscaping $55
Mold Removal $55
Painting $55
Paving $65
Plumbing $55
Pools $65
Remodeling $65
Roofing $65
Security Systems $55
Siding $65
Sun Rooms $75
Tree Service $55
Water Proofing $75
Windows $55


Who Are We and Why Should You Trust Us? is owned by Big Time eMarketing which was started by brothers Jason and Scott Palat. Jason started Palat Landscaping back in 2002 while Scott focused on several online businesses where he learned how to master the art of exclusive lead generation. Together they teamed up to give contractors exclusive leads they can count on for years. We are also proudly A rated on the Better Business Bureau.

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